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Anyone who feels called to be a healer and places herself/himself in one or more of the following categories may join us to become certified as a Healer/ Medicine Woman/ Medicine Man with the New Haven Native American Church (NHNAC) in the Lakota tradition:


            • Healer of people or animals                • Healer of the family unit

            • Healer of the community

            • Healer of Society

            • Healer of the Planet 


Healer certification includes Spiritual Adoption into NHNAC, which dictates no official religious dogma. Neither does NHNAC require members of other organized religions to change their beliefs, ideologies or way of worship. It is perfectly acceptable to become a member of NHNAC and to maintain allegiance to any other tradition, doctrine, or religion.


"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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