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A Mystic Quest, which serves as the 7th day in the 8-DAY SHAMANIC 'LIFE URPOSE' REBIRTH  and as Day #5 in the  SHAMANIC ART AWAKENING, can also be arranged as a stand-alone activity. As such, it is an all-day personal growth excursion (5 hours plus driving time), which combines a “back-to-nature” expedition geared to your fitness level and an ongoing Q&A with Shaman to open an added opportunity for self-discovery.


Guided by Chief Jack 'Golden Feather,' a Mystic Quest opens doorways into the Great Mystery. Off the beaten path, away from the madness of society, the untouched majesty of Hawaii's pristine habitats will lead you to glimpse at your own Inner Truth. 

Drawing on a unique and innate resource of skills and abilities, 'Golden Feather' is adept at using Nature and Her messages to guide you on your personal path. His mission is to facilitate the reclaiming of our human birthright --  the divine inheritance to live a complete and centered life as happy, healthy children of God Within.  Having lived and trained with Chief White Feather and his wife Crawling Bear Claw in the high desert of Nevada, Jack is gifted at empowering you to let go of your own robotic belief patterns.

ECO-ADVENTURE CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION THRESHOLD = $150 per hour/5 hour minimum. (Add $150 for each additional participant.)

VISION QUEST combines a private, one-on-one ECO-ADVENTURE with participation in a SUNDAY "HAWAIAKA" SACRED PLANT CEREMONY  upon your reaching a  CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION THRESHOLD of $1125 (add $525 per each additional participant).


“This is apt to be the most profound experience of your Hawaii visit.” -- Dr. ZZ 



"I just had the privilege of BEing in a life changing experience: a journey of 7 hours along the coast with Jack 'Golden Feather,' my chosen Shaman, at the farthest southern tip of our country to communicate with God, clear the story of old hurts, and open channels with Divine -- to truly BE in the flow of all I am.

"Some of the hike was gnarly, yet not a moment of fear came in. I *knew* I was on this journey with God, and I knew fear would cut me off from the connection; therefore, there was nothing to fear. I felt protected -- even as we climbed over loose, jagged lava rock 30 feet above crashing waves. The salt spray covered me with every BOOM as I allowed it to seep into old wounds, cleanse and heal them.

"Each wave blew my heart open as more of those 'I thought they were protecting me' walls that had surrounded my heart crumbled and were swept into the healing ocean. I feel blessed, reverent and beyond grateful for always saying yes to my Soul's Desire to BE the lead in my life. Who knows what's coming? All I know is I'm all in, and there is no turning back.

"If any of you wonder if you can actually live life BEing the Truth of who you are, in the freedom of knowing you are Divinely loved beyond measure, and that ALL of it is an invitation -- the highs and the lows -- to enjoy deeper connection. . . listen beyond your brain. . . Drop into the power of Divine. . . Listen to the whispers of Your Soul and BE in choice from there. Your life will BE forever transformed."

                                 -- W.H., Professional Healer and Wellness Coach, 2015

mystic QuestS

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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