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For people seeking understanding, this work creates an impactful environment for self-awareness.  Our #1 most highly recommended substance-free session, it delves into the illusion of 3-D "reality" via the use of ANIMAL SPIRIT MEDICINES.  This medicine was bestowed upon Shaman Jack by Chief White Feather and his wife Crawling Bear Claw when Jack was initiated as shaman in 1992.


In a SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE, Jack holds space and remains witness to your free and honest expression of self, which comes only from within. You get to experience your own inner wisdom -- exempt of social encumbrance. 

A SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE is not "one-size-fits-all." It encourages you to fully examine and explore your reactions and feelings about issues you raise and statements you make during the session.  The purpose of this is not to placate your ego with spiritual-sounding terms, but to enable you to discover and modify behaviors that you otherwise perceive as old, dysfunctional and worn out.  



This 5-aspect, 2.5-hour DEEP DIVE is to assist you in discovering what is hidden below the surface in your personal unconscious; so that you may recognize and free yourself from your own self-defeating blind spots.




This 3-hour approach utilizes the wisdom of Medicine Animals of outward  relationships. It gives insight into how another person (or persons) sees you spiritually, intellectually and in relation to the material world, and how this individual or group of people will interact with you in relation to your deepest desires.


This SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE draws on 4 Medicine Animals that point to the most likely outcome of projects or group enterprise. The medicines are laid out to reflect and represent the various phases the project  will move through towards its conclusion.



In advance of meeting, all interested persons must submit via email these FIVE (5) PIECES OF REQUESTED INFO. Please phone us to schedule at  + 1 808 323 3238 between 2- 6 PM Hawaiian Time. This is our preferred means of contact. If, however, you are abroad and/or without toll-free USA phone access, then we invite you to CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT AN INQUIRY

In consideration for meeting certain CHARITABLE CONTRUBUTION THRESHOLDS, donors are granted the intangible spiritual benefit of participating in our sessions and programs, all of which are offered at no charge; none are sold in commercial transactions outside the donative context. The CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTION THRESHOLD for participating  in a SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE is $375 per 2 1/2 hrs for ONE-ON-ONE; $450 per 3 hrs for PARTNERSHIPS


"This helped me immensely on my path -- or, should I say, to find it again"-- J.B., Kona

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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