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Chief Jack 'Golden Feather' and Dr. ZZ are dedicated, lifelong, natural healing practitioners.  Jack came into the world with an inherent “electricity” in his hands, an energy he has been using since childhood to heal himself, animals and others.  ZZ, from a more formal, clinical background, has studied and taught  Reiki, So-Tai and Tenrikyo in the USA, Southeast Asia and Japan.


Jack's specialties range from jetlag relief to removing tumors from people’s bodies to assisting folks with stress, snake bites, digestive issues, headache pain and back trouble. He himself is a 50+ year cancer survivor.


Should you arrive on-island from your journey with a headache, stiff neck or jet lag, a 90-minute session with Jack will have you feeling better in no time. All hands-on services are focused in Natural Healing

and are Spiritual in Nature.



"I had been diagnosed with a mucinous carcinoma of both breasts, which was initially considered stage 4, distant metastasis (now believed to be Stage 2, local metastasis). I've done many things for treatment: LDIPT (low dose insulin potentiated targeted chemotherapy), Black Salve,

Vegan Diet, Coffee Enemas, Juicing, massive supplements, moderate consistent exercise, etc..

"The sessions I had with Jack were less of a thunderbolt and lightning sort of healing and more of a subtle shift in consciousness and energy. In my sessions, I felt a new level of awareness entering my cells and being, and with that the potential of true and ultimate healing. I also had visions of black sludge coming out of me energetically as he worked --  the next time, green energy moved through my veins, and at the final visit it was clear red, as blood should be.

"My work with Jack was a confirmation of my intuitive direction and my own infinite self-expression and purpose. Additionally, he encouraged me to honor the healer within me -- for my own healing and my ability to assist

in the healing of others. This is a new path I've begun to walk upon which feels mysterious and unclear at this point, but very much aligned with my desire to be of service.


"I now believe this condition occurred for me to shed layers of illusory identity, value systems and beliefs in order to arrive at my essential being-ness and infinite Self-identification. I am grateful for all of it and for meeting spirits like Jack and ZZ along the way."

-- R. F., San Francisco, CA, 2016



In advance of arriving for an appointment, all interested persons must submit via email these FIVE (5) PIECES OF REQUESTED INFO. Please phone us to schedule at  + 1 808 323 3238 between 2 - 6 PM  Hawaiian Time. This is our preferred means of contact. If, however, you are abroad and/or without toll-free USA phone access, then we invite you to CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT AN INQUIRY


Our recommendation for chronic, physical ailments (ex., cancer) is three, 90-minute weekday sessions over the course of 4 -8 days. Hands-on sessions can also be combined with our SHAMANIC DEEP DIVE, A SUNDAY EVENING 'HAWAIAKA' SACRED PLANT CEREMONY, and/or with our 8-DAY SHAMANIC 'LIFE PURPOSE' REBIRTH and/or 5-DAY ART AWAKENING.

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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