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Muaisa Hale Pule's principal aim is its spiritually-focused programs, sessions and retreats. Whether you're kama'aima (an island resident) or you're visiting from off-island, we offer donor-funded guidance, direction, retreats, vision quests, and natural healing venues to support inner needs and assist with spiritual housecleaning.


Most people find their way to us when they are at a crossroads, ready for something new,  looking to experience more authenticity in life, or seeking validation of who and what they are in the world. Some arrive at wits' end from stress, anxiety and overload. 

Our plethora of options ranges from mystic tours and art camps, to sacred plant ceremonies, once-in-a-lifetime shamanic rebirths and Medicine Woman/Medicine Man certifications.  Each offering is an opportunity -- not an obligation -- to heal, learn, trust, grow and merge inner and outer purpose. All are based in unconditional love.


Except for our SUNDAY CIRCLES, there is no set schedule. Depending upon availability on both sides of the equation, you define your own involvement.

"I now have the tools to walk strong and proud," -- A.M., California, USA, 2015

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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