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Shamans are born, not made.

In order to develop an authentic shamanic path an individual must not only accept the inner calling 

but must also be formally tested and initiated into practice via methods that involve a deep level of personal challenge.


 Just as anyone can walk into a martial arts supply store and buy a black belt, so too can anyone call themselves  "shaman," but a hollow title does not make a person shaman any more than a black cloth belt makes a person

a martial arts expert. A bona fide shaman possesses the ability to heal oneself, to transcend various realms of experience, and to assist others in effecting a change in  consciousness

If you yearn to express yourself more authentically. . . if you feel out of sorts in today's military-industrial world. . .  if you would like to merge your inner and outer purpose and feel more "in sync" on your everyday journey, then our SHAMANIC PROGRAM may be an appropriate next step.

Shamanism, the world's oldest spiritual path, is founded on the principles of centering, personal responsibility, loving respect for nature, and a symbolic death to previously unhealthy thoughts, actions and habitual patterns.

At Muaisa Hale Pule, our 74-year-old resident shaman, CHIEF JACK 'GOLDEN FEATHER,' has been practicing his shamanic calling for over 30 years. He was tested in the ancient ways and initiated into the Lakota-tradition in 1992  by Chief White Feather and White Feather's wife, Crawling Bear Claw.




If you answer yes to 3 or more of the life experiences below, you may have a shamanic calling. To verify your gifts and reclaim your empowerment, you will need to get out of your head and into your heart, unlearning much of what you "think" you know. This is to invite you to join us in Hawaii for this exact opportunity in our 10+ DAY SHAMANIC 'LIFE PURPOSE' REBIRTH.


• Having epilepsy

• Seeing apparitions or UFOs
• Surviving a fire or shipwreck
• Having vivid and uncommon dreams

• Having been on the verge of drowning
• Having a sense of other energy realms
• Recognizing the urge to become shaman
• Surviving a deep coma or apparent death

• Being eccentric, “different” or a loner as a child

• Living with a serious or "oddly-symptomed" illness 

• Having glimpses of the future or verifiable deja-vus

• Experiencing and living through multiple snake bites

• Encountering the same animal(s) or teacher(s) in dreams

• Having parents or ancestors who have paranormal abilities
• Being born with a caul, an impairment or extra fingers/toes

• Being struck by a lightning or shocked by high-power electric

• Having childhood urges to go into the wild alone for long periods

• Having dreams that depict the future or unknown, verifiable events

• Having the ability to relieve physical pain/illness via touch or prayer

• Attracting the same animal(s) to you repeatedly in this illusion/reality

" You helped me understand enjoying life fully , thanks!" -- S.L., California

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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