*****  5.0

This program was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The hosts (Dr. ZZ and Jack) were cordial, caring, understanding and knowledgeable. The program itself was blissful, transformative and empowering. I found myself! I learned how to be my authentic self and let go of what no longer serves me. In addition to the activities on site, I was provided some tools to assist me in my journey providing that I use them consistently. This program is one in a million and I am so grateful I got to experience it. Hope more people can benefit from it!

mirangel pedre • Sep 19, 2020

*****  5.0

I do not even know where to begin! My heart is full of gratitude for Muaisa Hale Pule. From the start-up, Dr. ZZ has been wonderful and very helpful every step of the way! The Plant Medicine ceremony was profound; the brew showed me exactly what I needed to work on, even though I didn't realize it at first. However, after my private session with the shaman (which was supposed to be 2 hrs only, actually lasted over 3 hours), everything was clear. Jack was kind and knowledgeable, he definitely saw right through me and helped me see the REAL situations/problems I was dealing with and a possible solution for them. Again BIG thank you to Dr. ZZ and Jack for your work and your beautiful souls! It was a true pleasure to just be in the same room as you. I would definitely recommend Muaisa Hale Pule to anyone! I will definitely be back! ALOHA!

Irina Bugatova • Aug 20, 2020

*****  5.0

I had one of the best times in my life when I stayed with Jack and Zae at Muaisa, both are incredibly fascinating individuals, guiding me gently on my path that eventually led to a completely new life. They offer rich life experience, sensitivity, guidance, clarity, peace and beauty – give yourself fully, be open, share and then be who you've always been, a divine spirit having a human experience!

Sonja Herberth • Jul 29, 2020

*****  5.0

Muaisa Hale Pule, Jack the shaman, and Dr. Zae were instrumental in helping me get back the joy after my incredible loving husband left his physical body. I had fantastic dreams and experiences while at their retreat in Hawaii. My experience with them was sacred and touched the divine.....the sound current at the retreat was almost overwhelming. No drugs, smoke, or alcohol allowed. I really resonated with these two special souls.
spacey stacy • May 7, 2020

***** 5.0

I am beyond glad I did the Shamanic Rebirth with Jack and get to meet this amazing couple. I also did some volunteering and it was absolutely wonderful to spend some time with both Jack and Zz. I wasn't sure at first if it would be worth it financially for me to do the shamanic rebirth but it was so worth it and I'm so glad I went for it! I got to learn about my animal guides and came to much-needed realizations with Jack's guidance. Jack also is an amazing painter and has an art program for ones interested in art! I also had the opportunity to attend a Sacred Plant Ceremony which was a gentle and quite interesting experience and helped me release some energies that did not serve me. Jack and Zz were great throughout this experience as well. Thank you SO much Jack and Zz for this extraordinary journey. I hope to see you guys again one day and hopefully soon! :) 

Selin K • Apr 02, 2020



*****  5.0

I found them when I needed them the most, they held space for all my curiosity and helped me enter the world with a new narrative one of awakening. I have Jack and ZZ both to thank for a huge shift in my perspective! Forever grateful! Thank you!!
Sarah Puza • June 14, 2020

***** 5.0

My experience with the Sacred Plants was beautiful, healing and empowering. I found it beautiful because you are outside, surrounded by nature and the ocean and because of the people that were there. The guidelines and presence of Jack and ZZ helped me feel supported and safe. The plants helped me connect to my heart and guided me through some questions and struggles I've had for some times. I felt like my soul stepped in and allowed me to feel deeply and see clearly through the BS. Right of the bat I felt really good and a sense of peace and deep presence. At the end of the ceremony, I was feeling an amazing well being inside like if my cells were really enjoying the medicine. I am grateful for this experience and highly recommend them.

Ugo Tsalapatanis • Feb 21, 2020

*****  5.0

With an open mind and an open heart  there is a lot to be gained from this experience. The whole process is medicine and medicine is not always pleasant to take. Truly facing the parts of yourself that need to be healed isn’t easy but Shaman wants you to get it. I’m aware that I’m creating my own reality conceptually but this needed to be hammered in so that I can stop feeling like a victim of my environment and circumstances and start emitting my own frequency. At the airport for my flight back home I was looking around at all the people and a child started screaming and crying and I felt myself sinking back into victim mode, thinking about how much I dislike people and being here. Then as I was standing there with everything I had just gone through fresh in my mind, I said I am sending all of these people around me love and I imagined that vibration emanating from my heart center in waves. In that instant the child stopped crying and I felt relief. The task now is to remember the lessons and do the work and don’t stop.

Lily Gavri • Jan 29, 2020

*****  5.0

What an incredibly blessed and sacred experience hosted by two amazing shamans! The setting touched me immediately upon arriving, and it is already having an impact on how I am living the rest of my life. I am grateful from the bottom of my being for such an extraordinary event, for such a sacred gift, for so much love and kindness, for the shamans who went out of their way to accommodate those of us who were present, for the stimulating and educational conversation that followed the ceremony, and for Muaisa Hale Pule’s service to this world. What is offered here is truly magical. I have experienced deep healing.

Cassandra Oles • Jan 28, 2020


"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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