All life is sacred.  Ceremony is a means of spiritually celebrating life’s transitions and those special occasions in your own life and in the lives of loved ones. 


Our resident shaman, Chief Jack 'Golden Feather,' is gifted at assisting individuals and families through such rites of passage as marriage, divorce, child blessing, and honoring deceased loved ones.  He is also a licensed marriage officiate in the State of Hawaii.  Through counseling, shamanic programs and sacred ceremony, he offers spiritual support and guidance to guests and residents of the Big Island regarding issues of grief, loss, celebration and spiritual renewal.  

• BUNDLE CEREMONY – Reminds us that we are all relations and that

the Medicine Wheel is incorporated into all areas of our life.


• CRY FOR A VISION – Assists inquerent in establishing a direct connection to the Creator.


• GHOST DANCE (Circle Dance or Spirit Dance) – A celebration of all relations living in peace and gratitude.


• GREEN CORN – A celebration of forgiveness and new beginnings.  

"It defines who we are, and what we are as traditional Indian people.  It is the heart and soul of the traditional Seminole way of life.” -- Danny Billie, speaking of the Seminole’s Green Corn Dance


• LAYING ON OF HANDS – For the transfer of energies or prayer to assist in healing the body, mind, and spirit.


 MAKING RELATIONS (Spiritual Adoption) – A ceremony that  the President of New Haven Native American Church performs to bring in new members, this can also be used personally as a means for individuals

to establish a family unit and to care for and nurture family members.


 VISION QUEST (Hanblecheyapi) – Opens an opportunity for people to discover their inspirations. Enables us to re-remember and understand the mission, which we had previously committed to achieve before our spirit assumed its current earthly form. This objective is delivered in our 10-DAY SHAMANIC 'LIFE PURPOSE' REBIRTH and also addressed in our combined ECO-ADVENTURE / SACRED PLANT CEREMONY.

 "Love is the new religion of the 21st century." -- The Spiritual Conspiracy, 2015

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 - The ancient tradition of healing, self-transformation and self-discovery through working in a ceremonial setting with a brew of magical Pacific trees and plants that teach. Click for Details


(BIRTH CEREMONY) - Welcomes the new child into the Family/ Community and honors the passing into a new existence of all earthly beings.



Honors the commitment of two or more people to serve the human family as a unit for life and eternity.


• PASSING ON OF THE SPIRIT – Honors the passing of any earthly being into the next realm of Existence.


• POTLATCH The gift-giving

or re-distribution of wealth.

It is a great honor to serve humanity by distributing one’s excess resources.


• SUNDANCE – The Ceremony 

to offer oneself in sacrifice to lead

a life of service.

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015