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Hawai'i isn't just a place in the middle of the ocean, it's a place inside you -- a place that, wherever you go in the world, remains inside you. 

"Ha" means breath, the breath of life;
"Wai" is the word for water, and also a code word for Mana or life force;
"'I" means supreme.


“Malama ‘Aina” is the Hawaiian phrase that means caring for the land that feeds us. This deceptively simple yet endangered practice, at the core of indigenous Hawaiian culture, is integral to our programs as well. 




The Japanese word "Shinrin-yoku" (literally "forest bathing") promotes the practice of spending time in nature as preventative medicine. 




"Tenalach" is an Irish word, which describes our relationship with the land, air and water.  It implies a deep, visceral connection, which allows us to literally hear the Earth sing.




Earthing is a growing movement that advocates sitting, standing, walking and lying on the earth – with the skin of the body exposed and touching the ground. This is said to be an effective way of absorbing free-flowing electrons from Earth's surface for improving and enhancing health. 


Studies show that as little as 2 hours a day of interacting with nature reduces stress hormones up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments responsible for healing and repairing the body.  Phytoncides (the essential oils that plants and trees produce to ward off insects and decay) stimulate powerful anti-aging and powerful cancer-fighting natural killer (NK) cells in the  body.



In our high tech society, connecting with the earth has never been more critical to our health and well-being. "Earth Medicine" is at the root of the healing programs we offer at Muaisa Hale Pule.


The Earth Medicine Program is an open invitation to all guests, residents and VOLUNTEERS on property to engage with the 'aina, the land. Whenever you feel it, you are welcome to get your hands into our nutrient-rich, Hawaiian volcanic soil and contribute an hour or two of gardening, landscaping or yard work.  (Tools and buckets are provided.)


In a recent study at the University of Michigan, USA. it was discovered that just smelling the distinct organic aroma of growing trees and vegetation -- and listening to soothing natures sounds -- stimulates the frontal lobes of the brain and increases beta waves. These brain waves can literally double your energy level in as little as 10 minutes.


Everything we do, and everything we eat, affects the microbial colonies in our digestive tract. Earth Medicine ranks on the same page as eating right, exercise and restful sleep.


So, kick off your shoes, and breathe in the natural aromatherapy of our Hawaiian mountainside. Let the healing microorganisms of the land enhance your inner biology at this “Fountain of Youth.”




"The amount of nature here is intoxicating. You can literally smell the air, the soil, the plants and the trees." -- Volunteer

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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