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In our high tech society, connecting with the earth has never been more critical to our health and well-being. Kicking off your shoes and breathing in fresh air ranks on the same page as exercise, eating right, and restful sleep.

Studies show that as little as 2 hours a day of interacting with nature reduces stress hormones up to 800% and activates 500-600 DNA segments responsible for healing and repairing the body. Phytoncides (the essential oils that plants and trees produce to ward off insects and decay) stimulate powerful anti-aging and cancer-fighting natural killer (NK) cells in the  body.


University of Michigan research shows that just smelling the organic aroma of growing trees and vegetation -- and listening to soothing natures sounds -- stimulates the frontal lobes of the brain and increases beta waves, all of which can literally double your energy level in as little as 10 minutes.


Complete and submit a VOLUNTEER APPLICATION FORM. (Program runs year round; there is no pre-set schedule. Depending upon availability on both sides of the equation, you create your own  starting date.)

• Secure placement by submitting the required application materials and  a CHARITABLE CONTRUBUTION OF $2,250. 

• Upon confirmation of the above, we will email you logistics along with our list of HANDY LODGING OPTIONS, starting at $55 per night (dorm space), $86 (room w/private bath) or $98 (private cabin) and up. You may also find your own lodging, if you prefer, and commute back and forth to our locale. 

• Secure accommodations, and book your flights to KOA.

• We'll be looking forward to greeting you at 19.5 DEGREES in Hawaii.



For inspired individuals ages 21-56, this 2-week to 6-month Immersion combines the best of two worlds. It opens the opportunity to complete the 8-DAY SHAMANIC REBIRTH PROGRAM while you also engage with Mother Hawaii (the  'aina, the land) in our EARTH MEDICINE department. This allows for additional time on-island to digest, ground, and assimilate the deep, personal transformation offered in the shamanic work and the new way of perceiving the world that you will be acquiring firsthand.

12 EARTH MEDICINE VOLUNTEER HOURS per week are yours to design as you choose. You may work a couple of hours a day, and spread your hours out over the course of your 3-week or longer commitment.  It is also perfectly fine to work diligently for 2, 3, or 4 days and then take the rest of the week off.  Although you will have assignments to accomplish and a supervisor to help guide you, it is each person's responsibility to create his or her own EARTH MEDICINE schedule and to keep an accurate record of work hours on the time sheet provided.

Hours can be applied to a number of different tasks in landscaping, gardening, grounds keeping, maintenance and skilled trades. We also welcome licensed healers, screenwriters, videographers, grant writers, website designers or any pre-approved combination of the above disciplines. While working alongside our shaman and natural healing practitioners, you will enjoy an enriching opportunity to grow and deepen in relationship to Spirit and your own inner ecology. 

"The extra time to absorb the deeper implications of the program was useful. This is definitely the way to go."

                 -- K.D., Massachusetts

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"I had the time of my life and left with a whole new positive outlook." -- 2018

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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