In ancient times, wise elders of the tribe knew the inner secrets. They understood the hidden trails of the mind and were able to give sage advice. This caused the person seeking guidance to look deeply within themselves and to discover their own harmony with all creation.


The need for this level of guidance exists today as we are in an age that has severed itself from nature and magic. A Medicine Card Reading is a method of remedying this dissociation.



This 5-card reading is the spread of outward  relationships. It give insight into how another person

(or persons) sees you spiritually, intellectually and in relation to the material world, and how that individual or group of people will interact with you in relation to your deepest desires.. 




This is a 7-card reading that gives you overall information about your life path, patterns and challenges, and about what is working for you, and

what is working against you.



This 5-card reading is a tool to help you discover what is hidden below the surface in your personal unconscious; so that you may recognize and free yourself from your own self-defeating blind spots.





This is a 6-card spread that represents the most likely outcome of projects or group enterprises. The cards are laid out to reflect and represent the various phases the project or activity will move through towards its conclusion.

"This helped me immensely on my path -- or, should I say, to find it again"-- J.B., Kona


tel. + 1 808 323 3238 (preferred for all USA exchanges)

Anyone without toll-free USA phone access may CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT AN INQUIRY


The minimum suggested donation for Medicine Card readings = $80 per hour/ 3-hr first-time session

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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