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Chief 'Golden Feather' (aka: Jack) is a shaman's shaman. An intuitive, visionary and artist-born, he came into the world seeing auras.  We also have reason to believe that he is the only person alive today who did not suffer amnesia in the birth canal. As a result, he was born with a vivid recollection of where he came from -- his eternal existence in a place he calls "Home World, " a place he has been rendering in crayons and paint since childhood. 

In 1976, Jack spent 155 years back in Home World when, following a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, he was pronounced DOA at the emergency ward and remained clinically "dead" for nearly 3 hours. Chief White Feather recognized him as shaman in 1992 and, along with his wife, Crawling Bear Claw, trained and initiated Jack into shamanic practice in the Lakota tradition.

"This is one of the most fascinating people I've ever met on this earth walk." -- Immersion Volunteer, 2018


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Jack is perhaps most remarkable for his uncanny gift of reading people's energy and his focus on encouraging folks to enjoy their lives as the highest form of worship. Doctors, healers, therapists and patrons from all over the world credit him for his swift, targeted, transformative approach. Personal empowerment, his hallmark, is enhanced and encouraged by the sacred energy at our location directly atop the 19.5 DEGREE VORTEX .


"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015

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