to promote his hogwash, and uses free iPhone software to spoof our Caller ID and misrepresent himself as us in a campaign of telephoning random, potential guests in the shamanic and sacred plant ceremony communities, spewing offensive language.

Although we have been granted a  Protective Order, issued by the District Court of the Third Circuit in Hawaii against this individual, when infractions of this nature take place across State lines and involve Smart Phones and/or the Internet,  there is little that either local law enforcement and/or the FCC can do -- or are willing to do --to curtail or prevent this from occurring.  

Please be extremely cautious of all third party videos and defamatory  reviews of us online, and double check any questionable claims and/or one-star reviews you may read or phone calls you may receive from a Caller ID that displays our name and phone number.  The only legitimate person making phone calls from our telephone number is Dr. ZZ, and she makes a practice of not telephoning anyone who doesn't first contact us requesting information. 


Due in part to the growing popularity of shamanism over the past few years, Muaisa Hale Pule has been targeted by an emotionally-unstable individual who came to volunteer for us in 2015. Within a matter of days of his being on property, he became violent and was asked to leave. A restraining order was filed wit the Third Circuit Court, and we were granted an Injunction Against Harassment.

Upon leaving Hawaii shortly afterwards,  this person has obsessed on stalking and bullying us online. Assisted by his girlfriend (‘clearriverofspirit’), whom we have never met, he impersonates us, posts harassing videos and fraudulent reviews of us, references back and forward between these 

"This changed my life. The tools I took with me are priceless.” -- Guest, 2015